Tendering and Procurement

Expert technical assistance in the preparation, use and interpretation of contract documentation for construction works and consultancy services. In-depth knowledge of FIDIC, MDB, EU and other international and domestic forms of contract, working variously as the Employer, the Engineer, and Advisor to government agencies, funding agencies and contractors on tendering and procurement issues.


Project Management

Proven ability to coordinate and manage multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams on diverse infrastructure projects up to $500 million in value. A close liaison and partnership with clients/IFIs is developed to maximise progress and advise on/ resolve any logistical, technical and contractual problems as they arise.


Institutional Strengthening

Provision of short/medium-term inputs on Technical Assistance and Capacity Building programmes via workshops, operating manuals and on-the-job training of counterpart client personnel and/or the local contracting industry.


Dispute Resolution

A choice of Arbitration, Adjudication, or Mediation services is offered, backed by a strong track record in the successful negotiation/ determination of many national and international disputes - from small claims through to formal multi-million dollar tribunal hearings. Alternatively, if advisory services are required, using the many years of experience in the assessment and analysis of contractual claims, and the successful negotiation and settlement of such disputes, clients are guided towards understanding and enforcing their rights, thereby achieving optimal amicable or adjudicated resolution of differences between the parties.


Expert Witness

Expert Witness services based upon independence, impartiality, objectivity and integrity are available when Opinion evidence is required to assist in the resolution of a dispute. These services can be in whatever capacity is needed to suit the Client's particular requirements, e.g. for Adjudications, Arbitrations or Litigation.

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Focussed services, based upon extensive professional experience and skills, are provided to clients - whether owners, contractors, or as a neutral - to meet their specific requirements in: