Mr Marshall is a Chartered Civil Engineer, Arbitrator and Adjudicator with over fifty years of broad international experience in both the public and private sectors.

He has been a Fellow of three major professional bodies in the United Kingdom - The Institution of Civil Engineers, The Institution of Highways and Transportation, and The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

He has specialised in the procurement, administration and supervision of major infrastructure works - particularly projects supported by International Financing Institutions - while living and working in developing countries in Africa, the Middle and Far East, the Caribbean, South America, Central/South/South-East Asia and Eastern Europe for more than thirty years.

This experience includes the hands-on implementation and interpretation of FIDIC-based contracts over the many years since his first site appointment as Resident Engineer in the Middle East, back in 1973.

He has served as Arbitrator, Dispute Review Board Chairman, Dispute Adjudication Board Member, sole Dispute Review Expert, sole Adjudicator and Mediator as well as Claims Advisor, Advocate and Auditor, on many international construction and consultancy contracts.

Post-Graduation Courses

Motorway Design &Supervision - UK

Structural Analysis - North Sea

Desert Mountain Roads - UAE

Airport Pavements - Dubai

Container Ports - Port Rashid, Dubai

Sewage Works Claims - Hong Kong


Expressway Construction - Riyadh

River Works - UK

Project Management - Pakistan

Roads Supervision & Arbitrations - Ethiopia

Capacity Building Contracts - Nepal

Major Bridge Claims - Tanzania

Seismic Damage Assessment Repairs - India

Environmental Assessment - Suriname

Docks, Dredging and Roads - Bahamas

Building Subsidence

Ocean Causeway Contract - Bahamas

Public Consultations

Suspension Bridge DAB - Dominican Rep.

Building Contracts - Bahamas

Expressway Claims Advisor - Sri Lanka

Country/Project Experience

Examples of projects and assignments successfully executed since 1968:


M3 & M27 Motorways * Trunk Roads - Road and bridge site investigations, surveys, design and construction supervision (ICE Conditions of Contract).

Paisley College of Technology Extension - Design and supervision.

All-steel North Sea oil gravity platform concept * Finite element and 3-D stress analyses on North Sea steel structures and loadout barges * Alternative tender design for 1500m Kessock balanced cantilever bridge * Edinburgh Airport Terminal Extension * Sharjah Sports Centre space frame roof * Post-tensioned flat slab multi-storey car park * Contractor's temporary bridgeworks - Head of Structural Design.

Dartmouth Embankment and Ferry Bridge Reconstruction * Buildings Claims Investigations (Fire, Settlement etc) and Remedial Works * Building Design and Restorations * Coastal Defences - Management of feasibility reports, design, ICE contract documentation and site supervision.


Khor Fakkan-Dibba East Coast Road (36 km) * Masafi-Dibba mountain road (25 km) * Three town road projects (32 km) - Route location, site investigations, surveys, preliminary design, FIDIC tender documentation and Resident Engineer (town roads).

Port Rashid Extension ($200M) * Sharjah Main Drainage Scheme ($7M) * Dubai Police Marine Base ($4M) * Dubai Airport Taxiways and Lighting ($4M). - FIDIC contracts preparation, negotiation and administration.

Hong Kong

Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works ($60M) - Resident Engineer (Contracts); analysis/settlement of $18M delay/redesign claim (HK CoC).


Tutong-Jerudong Trunk Road (32 km, $32M) * Kianggeh River Canalisation and Redevelopment ($5M) * Bridges * Buildings - Project management; dispute resolution; defence for ICC arbitration (FIDIC).

Saudi Arabia

Section 2 Riyadh Outer Ring Road (22 km of 6 and 8-lane expressway, 5 grade-separated interchanges, $80M) - Resident Engineer (FIDIC).


N-25 Highway Balochistan, with reconstruction/repair of 270 existing bridges/culverts (160 km, $52M, WB) - . Construction supervision and FIDIC contract re-negotiation after total redesign .

Fourth Highway Programme - 65 rehabilitation/ maintenance contracts ($120M, WB) - Team Leader/The Engineer (FIDIC). Also prepared standard contractor prequalification documents, forms of contract and specifications for routine and periodic maintenance works by domestic contractors.

FIDIC Contract Management Workshops, ADB TA. Presented two 3-day training workshops for Executing Agencies (Roads, Water and Power) covering procurement, supervision, claims and dispute resolution.


Highways Maintenance Contracts (350 km, DFID) - Capacity Building Contracts Specialist: training of consultants, contractors and Government personnel in FIDIC contract procurement/administration and construction management/supervision.

Second Road Improvement Project (650 km, $95M, ADB) - The Engineer(FIDIC): Settlement of claims and final accounts.


Gujarat State Highway Project - Project Coordinating Consultancy (1700km, $533M, WB) - Team Leader: Coordination between client, WB, ICB contractors and international works supervision consultants; Completion of detailed design, contractor prequalification and tender documentation/evaluation for 14 No. FIDIC contract packages; Procurement of consultants for works supervision, Road Management System and accident data collection/analysis; Institutional development of Roads and Buildings Department and Environmental Unit (with. training of 500 selected personnel); Monitoring contractors and supervision consultants; Development of standard manuals and procedures; Claims advice and formation of Dispute Review Board).

Gujarat Earthquake 2001 - Team Leader: Emergency assessment, design and repair of roads and bridges damaged/ destroyed in the disaster..


Gravel Roads Rehabilitation Contracts (770 km, $17M, WB) - Project Manager/CRE: Contract administration and supervision; then as The Engineer, amicable settlement of $10M Dispute under ICC arbitration.

Addis Ababa-Ginchi-Ambo Road (114km, $50M, KfW) - Design, FIDIC tender documentation and evaluation+ successful proposal for supervision services.

Awash-Harar-Dengego-Dire Dawa Road (302km, $67M, WB) - Design review.

Chida-Sodo Road (160km, $50M, ADF) - ICC arbitration/settlement advice.

Mille-Assab Road - Expert Witness, ICC artibration.

15 No. ICB road projects (FIDIC 4 / MDB): Azezo-Metema Contracts 1 & 2 (185km, $60M); Ambo-Gedo (57km, $20M); Gob Gob–Gashena (86km, $24M); Harar-Jijiga (106km, $28); Dodola-Goba (133km, $30M); Blue Nile-Guba (66km, $25M); Sherkole-Blue Nile (70km, $23M); Mekane Selam-Gundewein (139km, $95M); Irebti-Afdera (118km, $75M); Mekenajo-Ayra (60km, $32M); Chanka-Dembidolo (65km, $32M); Arekit-Hosaina (65km, $36M); Addis Ababa - Adama Toll Motorway (Design / Build, 90km, $725M) and the Motorway Phase II (Addis Outer Ring Road, $220 M) - Dispute Review Expert / Sole Dispute Board Member


Amala River-Narok Road (55km, $30M, KfW) - FIDIC Contract administration and dispute resolution.

Garsen-Lamu Road ((114km, $9M, KfW) - Design, tender documentation and supervision.

El Nino Emergency Road Project (790km, $15M, WB) - Design, tender documentation and supervision (World Bank Small Works CoC).

Nairobi-Mombasa Road (80km, $50M, EU) - Successful proposal for supervision services.

Sondu/Miriu Hydropower Project - Chairman, Dispute Review Board.


Ondangwa-Oshikango Road Rehabilitation (60km, $12M, KfW) - Feasibility study.


Rufiji River Bridge (800m bridge, 14km roads, $27M, KFAED/SDF) - FIDIC Contract administration and dispute resolution.

Backlog Maintenance Kigoma-Nyakanazi Road (335km, $6M, EU) - Design, tender documentation and supervision (EU CoC).

Moshi, Mwanza, Arusha and Mtwara Airports - FWD testing and PCN analysis of Runways, Taxiways and Aprons.


El Nino Emergency Bridges Repair Project (86 structures, $6M, WB) - Design, tender documentation and supervision (WB Small Works).

Malaba-Jinja Road (80km, $36M, KfW) - Design, tender documentation and supervision.

Jinja-Bugiri Road (80km, $36M, EU) - Tender documentation (EU) and bid evaluation.

Kanoni-Ssembabule-Villa Maria Road (MDB 2010, 110km, $80M) - Sole Dispute Board Member.


Chingola-Kasumbalesa Road Rehabilitation (45km, $10M, WB) - Feasibility study, design and tender documentation (FIDIC).

Livingstone-Shesheke Road and Katima Mulilo Bridge (205km, 885m bridge, $20M, KfW) - Design and tender documentation (FIDIC).


EIA for Suriname-Guyana Ferry Road (30km, $10M, EU) - Road Design and Construction Expert, EC Mission.


New San Salvador Airport ($11M) - Design and construct bid proposal.

Cape Eleuthera Resort ($24M) - Infrastructure and airport planning.

Harold-Carmichael Dual Carriageway ($1.3M) - Contract management.

San Salvador Airport Bypass ($0.60M) - Contract management.

Customs Warehouse ($1.4M) - Tender preparation.

Private FBO terminal at Nassau International Airport - Sub-letting and supervision of contracts for earthworks, taxiways and apron ($5M).

Government Roads, Bridges, Docks, Airstrips and Buildings - Chief Engineer/ Deputy Director/ Director of Public Works - Management of design, construction and maintenance.

Examples: :

Dominican Republic

Suspension Bridge dispute (FIDIC 1996 Design & Build) – Appointed by FIDIC President as Dispute Adjudication Board member.

Sri Lanka

ADB Institutional Strengthening TA - Training Road Development Authority in Claims and Dispute Resolution under FIDIC 1999 and MDB Harmonised Conditions of Contract 2005.

Southern Transport Development Project (330km, $500M, FIDIC 4, ADB/JBIC) - Contracts and Claims Specialist - Advisor to Government on major claims and disputes totalling over $160M. Determined over 600 claims on one contract.

Seminar, Construction Training Institute – Adjudication of Construction Disputes under FIDIC and Domestic Conditions of Contract.

ICB road contract (MDB) - Advice on termination and retendering.


WB/NDF Capacity Building TA - Training Consultants, Contractors and Ministry of Transport Engineers in Contract Management and Dispute Resolution under FIDIC 1999 and MDB Harmonised Conditions of Contract 2006.

ADB-appointed Mediator – settlement of multi-national dispute ($2.6M) – held in Beijing.


Road Rehabilitation Contracts 2008-2009, Package 1 (300km, Millennium Challenge Account) - Technical Auditor.

Millennium Challenge Corporation funded Pumping Stations Project (FIDIC Yellow Book) - Sole Adjudicator.

M1/M2 N-S Road Contract (MDB 2010, 91km, $250M, ADB) - Contract Management and Claims Expert.


8 No. Millennium Challenge Corporation funded ICB road projects 2008-2011 (FIDIC 4): Partskisi-Sartke (120km, $63M), Sartke-Ninotsmina/ Akhalkalaki-Sulda (36km, $33M), Khertvisi-Vardzia (11km, $13M), Sulda-Turkish Border (16km, $8M) Nardevani-Sartke (48km, $35M), Tsalka-Nardevani (15km, $7M), Teleti-Asureti (18km, $15M) and Partskisi-Tsalka Road (53km, $31M) - Sole Adjudicator.

E-60 Highway Section II: Agara-Zemo Osiauri (MDB 2010, $105M, WB) - Sole Dispute Board Member.


Medias Bypass, (FIDIC 1999 Design & Build) - Contracts Specialist.

Alba-Mures Roads Contract (FIDIC 1999, $13M) - Sole Adjudicator.

Arad-Oradea Road, (3 No. FIDIC Design/Build 1999 contracts, 103km, $100M, EIB) - Claims Expert.


Construction Dispute - Appointed by President of UK Institute of Arbitrators as Sole Arbitrator.


Millennium Challenge Corporation funded ICB road contract, Niono-Goma Coura (MDB, 81km, $40M) - Sole Adjudicator.


Marmaray Rail Upgrading Project, Contract CRI - Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Systems (FIDIC EPC 1999, $1.0 Billion) - Dispute Adjudication Board Member.


Development Project ($1.8 Billlion) - Co-Arbitrator, ICC Arbitration.


Landfill Project ($38M, FIDIC 1996 Design & Build) - Disputes Advisor.

International Airport Access Road ($17M, FIDIC 1999) - Disputes Advisor.


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